Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spiritual Healing

A man always moves within seven levels of consciousness. He is perplexed when there is a disorder in any level of consciousness. Therefore he feels undone. To remove such perplexities, one has to utter the word Svaahaa (स्वाहा) seven times. This word is designed in such a way that easily touches the center of consciousness. As a result, one comes to his/her own disposition and gets new energy to overcome difficulties.

The process is as follows:

1. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
2. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
3. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
4. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
5. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
6. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
7. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)

This can be uttered in silence at anytime in anyplace.

Monday, December 9, 2013

An Easy Approach to Spiritual Science - Part (6) - Spiritual Path !!!

Spiritual Path
Every action turns to be a result as a seed produces a seed after a process of becoming a tree and bearing a ripe fruit in it . The process may differ as it is determined by various factors like time and space , etc. The result seems 'predestined' although it is unforeseen and unknown . There is nothing to be worried about it since the action itself indicates the fact . But a person lacks a futuristic vision of realistic projections . When this is somehow, comprehended, the delusion vanishes and a sense of "nothingness" automatically develops. "Nothingness" in this context points to a discipline of disinterested action , i.e. the idea , that 'I have no independent claim of happenings as nothing is mine '  gets established in the form of a subtle desire . This sense of "nothingness" leads to a state of desirelessness  which is the resource base of spiritual living.

पुरःसरो भव

Sunday, July 7, 2013

An Easy Approach to Spiritual Science - Part (3) - THE GURU THE GOD AND THE UNIVERSE

Prof. Keshab Ch. Dash
Deptt. of Nyaya Darshan
Shree Jagannath Sanskrit University
Shree Vihar, Puri - 752003

The Guru, the GOD and the Universe stand on the same line with different function in accordance with the realisation of a man. The following points will help a man to realise the Guru, the GOD and the Universe simultaneously.

  1. The World is a conglomeration of Consciousness. This consciousness takes recourse to different substrata or bodies for its revelation.
  2. Wherever or whenever this becomes dearest one, it can be felt easily, of one is in his congenial dispositions.
  3. Many time the play of this consciousness bring difficulties in Human Life.
  4. One should not bind himself within the paths, life-styles and makings or decision of others. Because these are only steps of educating oneself.
  5. If one realises that every circumstance of life is the blessing of the Almighty, he gets assured of a definite tranquility that comes from the conflicts of consciousness and becomes energy source of his life.
  6. Love comes from imagination of blessings and the feelings of consolation. This love is the receptacle or support of the self-energy.
  7. The more is the love the mind is more developed, broad and peaceful.
  8. Peace is the object of human pursuit. This is the combination of love & energy. This is the first and foremost goal of a life.
  9. To awake the soul is the major aim of every great man, because they are the substrata of efficient and wakeful soul. And they have discovered the way to Almighty.
  10. To become a GOD means to realise which is all pervasive within and out.

Monday, June 24, 2013

An Easy Approach to Spiritual Science - Part (2)

Living for the existence exhausts humanity. Man is reduced to an open thirst. His mind is frosted with calumny. He deems everything unjust under a desire of surpass-ability. An infatuation for grabbing perplexes his movement. He is shrinking in his failure to identify the limit. He forgets that a weakness always leads to failure.

Marketability centers around life now. The right road of attainment is lost in the tangle corruptions. An intense desire of accumulation overpowers the simplicity of the work force. A piece of work ends with a terrorizing note. Time passes on compiling the occurrences. All these have become the "Wisdom of the Day".

Everywhere, there is an outcry for peace. It is a pity that nobody points out what really peace stands for. A man undertakes various practices and courses of activities in search of peace which, at the level of actuality, leads to superstition, frustration and disappointment. Moreover, most of the peace policies in national and international levels succumb to failure. It so happens due to the fact that peace is grossly misunderstood or narrowly understood in pseudo-frameworks. Even in the present context of living and life-cycle, conceptualization of peace remains incomprehensible.

Man is born out of bliss. Bliss presupposes peace. Peace is a subtler law both cognitive and phenomenal, which, in other words, points to a balance between creativity and criticality as well as function and Trance-function. Implementation of this law invariably yields a corporate life full of love and harmony.

This can be achieved through a process of elevating oneself from physical to non-physical level and from this to the level of super-consciousness wherein one can remain ever blissful and know the essence of beauty and profundity.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Simple Prayer

!!! जगन्नाथस्वामी नयनपथगामी भवतु मे !!!

!!! Jagannatha Swamii Nayana-patha-gaamii Bhavatu Me !!!

"Oh Lord of Universe
Oh my Lord
Lead my Vision"

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Motto to be followed in Life ...

!!! प्रेम जिज्ञासितव्यम् !!! (Prema Jijnasitavyam) !!! प्रेम्णा अध्येतव्यम् !!! (Premna Adhyetavyam) !!!

!!! Learn to Love !!! !!! Love to Learn !!!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Goal and Easy Means

To be one with cosmic function one has to adopt some easy practices. These may be thus:

L4 - L1:  
1. Developing love for mother by remembering her loving form or any mother form and reciting her name in silence
2. Simple Prayer

L3 - L2
1. Developing love for father by remembering his loving form and reciting his name in silence.
2. Developing love for knowing the cosmic function according to own disposition.

L2 - L3

1. Meditating upon a loving form of mother or father or both or any loving form
2. Reciting a loving name

L1 - L4

1. Surrender to Mother or Father or Both

(Level4 becomes Level 1 for beginners)

To be full is the goal of a life !!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Mantra for Spiritual Practice

||    स्वाहा  शुभमस्तु  ||

"I Surrender
Oh My Lord
Bestow Happiness" 

This mantra gives Peace, Progress and Devotion to anyone who practices it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

An Easy Approach to Spiritual Science - Part (1)

Prof. Dr Keshab Chandra Dash
तद् विष्णोः परमं पदं
सदा पश्यन्ति सूरयः ,
दिवीव चक्षुराततम्

The seers always look to that Supreme abode of Vishnu which overspreads the heaven like (the Lustre of) the eye

- Śukla - Yajur - Veda, (6/5)
ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते,
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ।।