Saturday, June 9, 2018

Lord and Leela

Everybody feels that there is a cosmic will which has its own way of functioning. Human intelligence fails to formalize it unless this shapes itself into a gross item. As far as spirituality is concerned the emotional element of human being plays a major role. When emotions become pure, the mind is capable of realizing something divine. The cosmic will becomes transparent to those who speculate in this line.

Inscrutable are the ways of omnipresent. His ways are understood as his desire which according to scriptures is manifested through language as:

:: 1. LET THERE BE :: 

Zero is manifested as a “dot” and considered as the basic spiritual object. That is called the bindu (बिंदु )– the energy point. It originates big energy circles which sustain the universe in its subtle form. This is called mahā-kuṇḍalinī महाकुण्डलिनी ) – the great sustenance power which is innate in everything. The half of the bindu (बिंदु)(energy point) takes a curved shape like half-moon. This is called ­ākāra (आकार)– the form. This may be understood as [  ] – the point and its half, i.e. the energy point and its substratum which can keep it for further development.

From this emanates a shape called prakāra (प्रकार) – the formations. The point of energy and its half develop formations alternating together. The first of its category is Oṃkāra (ओंकार)[] or [ଓଁ] – the vibrational energy basic. This is present everywhere in everything. It is realized in human body as a desire “LET ME BE”.

From the cosmic will to human desire and vice-versa is considered as a journey through life.

:: 2. TO BE MORE ::
“I want to be the great like so and so”- is a hidden desire of a man. All efforts and struggles are directed to this goal. But this goal has its own limit. Because it points to certain “want”. The more we want the more we fall in want. Human wants are unlimited. It leads to a definite fall as it loses a proper direction “to be more” with flower and fragrance. Spirituality “to be moremeans “BE LIKE ME”, i.e. Realize me and Be a Living God with all divine qualities.
This is the inner meaning of chariot journey of Lord Jagannatha, which we perform every year to see him from “Touch-me-notto “Be in-touch

:: 3. LEELA ( लीलाThe Divine Play) ::
               The Lord has innumerable Leelas (लीला - divine plays) which are evident from different scriptures and written experiences of ancient sages and saints. The Leela aims at inculcating divinity in human being and this also makes man to realize the true nature of Universe. Leela discriminates what we achieve outwardly and what we attain inwardly.