Sunday, July 7, 2013

An Easy Approach to Spiritual Science - Part (3) - THE GURU THE GOD AND THE UNIVERSE

Prof. Keshab Ch. Dash
Deptt. of Nyaya Darshan
Shree Jagannath Sanskrit University
Shree Vihar, Puri - 752003

The Guru, the GOD and the Universe stand on the same line with different function in accordance with the realisation of a man. The following points will help a man to realise the Guru, the GOD and the Universe simultaneously.

  1. The World is a conglomeration of Consciousness. This consciousness takes recourse to different substrata or bodies for its revelation.
  2. Wherever or whenever this becomes dearest one, it can be felt easily, of one is in his congenial dispositions.
  3. Many time the play of this consciousness bring difficulties in Human Life.
  4. One should not bind himself within the paths, life-styles and makings or decision of others. Because these are only steps of educating oneself.
  5. If one realises that every circumstance of life is the blessing of the Almighty, he gets assured of a definite tranquility that comes from the conflicts of consciousness and becomes energy source of his life.
  6. Love comes from imagination of blessings and the feelings of consolation. This love is the receptacle or support of the self-energy.
  7. The more is the love the mind is more developed, broad and peaceful.
  8. Peace is the object of human pursuit. This is the combination of love & energy. This is the first and foremost goal of a life.
  9. To awake the soul is the major aim of every great man, because they are the substrata of efficient and wakeful soul. And they have discovered the way to Almighty.
  10. To become a GOD means to realise which is all pervasive within and out.