Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spiritual Healing

A man always moves within seven levels of consciousness. He is perplexed when there is a disorder in any level of consciousness. Therefore he feels undone. To remove such perplexities, one has to utter the word Svaahaa (स्वाहा) seven times. This word is designed in such a way that easily touches the center of consciousness. As a result, one comes to his/her own disposition and gets new energy to overcome difficulties.

The process is as follows:

1. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
2. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
3. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
4. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
5. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
6. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)
7. Svaahaa (स्वाहा)

This can be uttered in silence at anytime in anyplace.

Monday, December 9, 2013

An Easy Approach to Spiritual Science - Part (6) - Spiritual Path !!!

Spiritual Path
Every action turns to be a result as a seed produces a seed after a process of becoming a tree and bearing a ripe fruit in it . The process may differ as it is determined by various factors like time and space , etc. The result seems 'predestined' although it is unforeseen and unknown . There is nothing to be worried about it since the action itself indicates the fact . But a person lacks a futuristic vision of realistic projections . When this is somehow, comprehended, the delusion vanishes and a sense of "nothingness" automatically develops. "Nothingness" in this context points to a discipline of disinterested action , i.e. the idea , that 'I have no independent claim of happenings as nothing is mine '  gets established in the form of a subtle desire . This sense of "nothingness" leads to a state of desirelessness  which is the resource base of spiritual living.

पुरःसरो भव